Using Your Idea Pocket

Yesterday we talked about how to make your Idea Pocket, but how do you use it?

Here’s a tip:  Don’t over-think it.

Take your Idea Pocket and — without looking — pull something out.  Look at it from all angles.  Turn it over and look at the back, even.

What colors are there?  Shapes?
If it’s a picture, who are the people and what are they doing?

Don’t question why you pulled that one out.  Don’t wish you had picked something else.  Use it.

What is your creativity medium of choice?  Does the item you picked out inspire you to do anything?  What?

Do it.  If it’s writing, write.  Drawing, draw.  Cooking, cook or at least write out a recipe.

Creativity does not discriminate by age, race, religion, location, or form.  Be open to it.


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