Tuesday Tip: Relax

It’s easy to become aggravated or frustrated when things don’t work out the way we want them to.  This seems especially true of creativity. 

It didn’t turn out how you wanted or you don’t really know how to do it (this is true for me in terms of drawing).


One of my “rules” for creativity is the only way you can do it wrong is to say you are.  You can’t expect perfection right out of the gate.

When you relax, you let go of your aggravation and frustration.  When you relax, you have fun with it.  That’s the whole point anyway.


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  1. plaidearthworm
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 11:38:50

    One of the tips we get in NaNoWriMo fits in perfectly with your tip today: draw a picture of your inner editor, the one that whispers all those negative things in your brain. Make it as detailed as you want. Then, seal it up in an envelope and stash it away, give it to a friend to hold for you, bury it in the backyard, whatever you choose. Realize that you’re giving yourself permission to relax and be creative without that nagging little editor in your head. When you’re done with your project, you can retrieve your inner editor for the re-write and edit time.

    Love the new blog, keep up the good work!


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