My Thoughts: About Using Your Senses

Yesterday, in a comment to the Tuesday Tip: Using Your Senses , Auria Cortes said, in part, “It’s not as easy as it seems.”

She’s right.  It isn’t easy.

Like a physical exercise that requires you to stretch in ways you’re not used to, it will be hard for a while. Over time, with consistent practice, it will get easier.

I don’t claim that anything in the Idea Pocket itself or in this blog will be easy.  Sometimes good habits worth keeping are difficult to establish and take some practice.  In the long run, the habit makes it worth the time and difficulty.

Is enhancing/tapping into your creativity important to you?  Did you think it would be something you could do without any work?

Creativity without work is what people sometimes call inspiration or the muse.  Yes, that makes it fun, but it doesn’t necessarily make it consistent or allow you to improve in whatever form of creativity you are working on.


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