Monday Exercise: Touch

I will be out of town tomorrow, so you get your Monday Exercise a little early.

Last week, remember we talked about listening as a creative exercise.  This week, our focus is touch/tactile feeling.

Have you ever paid attention to the things you touch on a daily basis?  The smooth surface of a CD, the ridges on the “F” and “J” keys on your keyboard, the way a pen or pencil feels as it moves across the paper when you write or draw.

Take some time today and really pay attention to what you feel.  Our fingertips are very sensitive and can give us a world of information if we pay attention.  Here’s what I would like you to do (I’ll do it too after I get back in town on Tuesday):

Gather no fewer than five very different things and put them on a table in front of you.  Close your eyes (or blindfold yourself) and randomly pick something up.  Can you describe it just by feeling it without opening your eyes?

How can you take that into your next creative project?


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