Tip: What Do You Know?

A common piece of advice writers hear, especially when they’re just beginning, is “Write what you know.”

That’s all well and good, but sometimes what we know is…well…boring.  What do you do then?

Take what you know and add to it.  Suppose you know how to knit a basic blanket with no fancy stitches and nothing extra added to it.  You’ve used plain yarn, nothing varigated.

It’s a nice enough blanket, but it’s a bit blah.  Plain.  Boring.

Using varigated yarn would add some interest to it.  But…what if you were to learn a new stitch?  Couldn’t you include that to make the blanket more interesting?

What else could you do with it instead of making blankets?  Did the stitch open up new possibilities for you?

You can take the same principle and apply it to whatever your creative discipline happens to be.


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