My Thoughts: Life in General

Despite our best plans, despite what we want to do with all our heart, life interferes more often than we would prefer.

We know when we work best, or at least we have an idea of when that time is.  Yet, things interfere.  Life in general rears its head.

I will not say “its ugly head,” because many of the best life has to offer comes to us in interruptions.

The questions are how do we use and view those interruptions?

If we are wise, we will take the experience and use it later in our work.  If not, we see it as just another interruption and allow it to frustrate us.

If we become too frustrated, we think we are blocked and allow our creative well to dry up.

I’ve had many life-in-general moments lately.  That’s why I let my blogs, this one included, fall behind.  I am getting back on schedule and have decided to use this as a reminder that life does get in the way sometimes, but we have to work with what we are given and make the best of it.

(And if that isn’t a cliche [see “Reaction to Judge’s Comments” on Creatif from Monday], I don’t know what is, but it’s appropriate.)


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