Tip: Use the Weather

So now you think I’m off my rocker because I advocate walking in the rain, right?

That’s fine with me.  I’ve never made any claims to sanity and normalcy is vastly over-rated.

Seriously, though, we have to use things around us to help fuel our creativity, to keep the creative well filled and the pump primed.

One constant in life is weather.  Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, raining or snowing, the weather influences us.  Some may hurt when the weather changes.  Some may be depressed when it’s winter and the days are shorter.

I’m solar powered.  I love the sun.  I can’t be out in it long because I burn easily, but by my mood, even if I don’t see it, I can tell you if the sun is out.  Most of the time.

In our creative projects, we have to employ emotion.  Use the weather, either figuratively or literally, to help you do that.


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