US Government Wants to Control Creative Works

I’m a member of CoachCreativeSpace, a social network on Ning hosted by Dan Goodwin.  One of the members there posted about this.  Here it is as I understand it.

The US government, as well as a few countries in Europe are trying to pass legislation that requires all artists of any kind (artists, designers, musicians, writers, filmakers) to register their creations with private registries for a fee. If creations are not registered, they become “Orphaned Works,” which means basically that they have no copyright and become public domain. Anyone can sell or distribute them without the original artist seeing any income whatsoever.

Can you imagine paying to protect everything in your sketchpad, on your computer, or in your notebook? Or every idea you present to an agency, even the ones they don’t use??

You can read more about it here.

Here is a link to sign a petition against this act.  (I’ve heard online petitions don’t carry any weight, but it doesn’t hurt to try.)

Here is a link with the contact information for the president and all US senators, representatives, state governors and legislators.

OpenCongress – H.R.5889 Orphan Works Act of 2008
OpenCongress – S.2913 Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008

(Posted on CoachCreativeSpace by Lin Neiswender.  Since this blog is about writing, I added the parenthetical asides and the bit about “on your computer or in your notebook.” ~Jen)


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