Editing as Creating

For many people, editing appears to be the antithesis to creativity. It is actually part of the creative process.

A different function of it, true, but that doesn’t make it an opposite.

As I see it, here are some of the processes to creating:

  • Generating the idea.
  • Planning/researching.
  • Creating (writing, composing, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • Revising/changing/adding

Revising and changing…editing.

No project is completed after the initial part is done. The bones of the story, for example, might be written down. It might even be fleshed out some.

The thing of it is, there is likely excess flesh in some areas and not enough in others. That’s where the revising/changing/adding/editing comes in.

It’s not something anyone should look at as being in opposition to the art of creativity. Instead, it shoud be seen as an important part of the process that should not be overlooked, ignored, or rushed.


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